About Us

Consolidated Consulting Engineers, one of the leading engineering consulting firms in the Chicagoland area, was founded in 1988 to distinguish itself from its former association with AMSCO, an acronym for Architects Mechanical Services Company, a partnership formed by the original principals of Consolidated Consulting Engineers back in 1967. After 20 years of delivering successful projects under the AMSCO moniker, the founding Principals and new supporting staff established the new company of Consolidated Consulting Engineers.

Consolidated Consulting Engineers provides engineering consulting services at every stage which may be needed during a project. From feasibility studies, surveys, through budget estimates, design, and construction supervision. We understand that our clients are the most important part of our business. We are, therefore, committed to offering personal attention, understanding needs, and coming up with innovative solutions. With our environment in mind, we endeavor to deliver projects with complete environmental balance compatible with its particular utilization, design, and occupancy.

At Consolidated Consulting Engineers, we highly experienced and motivated, and capable of delivering your project on budget and on-time.

Our Staff Members

  • Edward Chrzastowski
  • David Deering
  • Victor Chrzastowski
  • Albert Chrzastowski
  • George Wagrowski
  • Brett Dorko
  • Gene Haig
  • Robert Koeppen
  • Erik Eix

Our Affiliations

Manufacturers & Suppliers

Consolidated Consulting Engineers is comprised of leading civil engineering consultants, providing services across Wheeling, Rockford, Naperville and beyond

Consolidated Consulting Engineers

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